Toy Rentals: A Much Needed Concept with Multiple Benefits

My young mommy friends, a couple of weeks ago I had asked you on my Facebook timeline about your choices for buying toys and books for your kids, whether you bought them every month or whenever your kids asked for or whenever you were visiting a kids' store. I had also asked if you liked to buy only foreign brands or you buy Indian too and also about the amount you generally spend every month on buying these products.
Most of you were kind and gracious enough to spare precious minutes from your busy schedule and give inputs for my article.

Parents' Speak Up
Most of you said that you don't observe a fixed schedule and pattern for your purchases. You tend to buy whenever the kids demand a new toy or you're visiting a kids' store. Many of you also like to order them from online stores and whenever you're on a trip abroad. Though you don't put aside a fixed amount every month but your average expense per month may be around 1000 bucks. Another criteria for your purchases is whether the product is really needed and value for money but the prime concern for all of you is the toys being toxin free and safe for children.

My Own Experience
Though my children are adults now but when I look back at their childhood and our choices regarding toys and books for them, it's not very different from yours. My husband and I being avid readers my children were always surrounded by books, comics and kiddy magazines. All of us looked forward to the annual book fair at Pragati Maidan to get our fill of books, games and stationery items. As for toys we also didn't have a fixed expense amount for these goodies but bought them off and on. Many of them were received as gifts too. Foreign brands were not so easily available in those days nor was there any trend of online shopping so our primary concern was to buy reputed Indian brands because they promised products manufactured with only toxin free chemicals and paints. We did give in to the kids' demands sometimes because we really liked to indulge them and birthdays and annual result days were of course times to splurge.

Sentiment Issues and Cluttered Homes
Because the children were careful users the goodies remained in pretty good condition and though the enterprising daughter had set up a lending library (books, comics and magazines) for her friends yet they didn't have the heart to give them away. So the number of toys getting stashed away in cupboards kept mounting over the years. The result was that when the house was being renovated a few years later and the cupboards were emptied we had almost a roomful of old but in very good condition toys. It took us at least half a day to firm up our hearts, sort out and give away most of them, the rest were of course cleaned and stashed away in boxes again.
You may go awww or laugh at me but I have still retained some of their stuffed toys, games, cars and tracks! Memories and sentiments, you know!
But for how long can you go on being sentimental about goodies bought/gifted on special occasions by favorite friends and relatives and retain a horde of these goods even though your children have either outgrown or got bored of? It does create a lot of clutter in the home and takes away already scarce storage space in city flats. Every inch of living space is expensive these days, isn't it?
But do we have any options?

New concept
Yes we have. Recently I came across this relatively new concept of renting toys and books instead of buying them and I was amazed, intrigued and delighted at the same time. Why would any parent want to rent toys? Is it like you take on rent swings and slides for kids' parties at home, for a day or two?' I wondered. Not at all. I was informed that there's an actual toy rental company in operation since 2010 and it is suitably called Rentoys. Parents can subscribe to their plans and get toys and books home delivered every month.

How do the subscription plans work
The company offers futuristic toys that foster STEM, creativity, problem-solving, imagination, and cognitive skills in a child on monthly subscription basis at very reasonable prices. Their plans start from a very nominal and affordable Rs 549 per month and what's more, you don't need to give any security deposit. 
You can choose a plan as per your needs and the company would send a box containing toys and/or books as per your selection. You are supposed to retain the packaging and pack the products in it at the end of the month. The company will arrange pickup and deliver another box with the next month's choice of toys and books.
If you are concerned about the hygiene issue, you don't need to worry at all because the company ensures the products are thoroughly cleaned through a special process before they are sent to the customers. And the best thing is you can customize subscription plan and include both books and toys in one subscription instead of having to choose either of them. If you have two kids in different age groups then you can choose products suitable for both of them so no worries about fights between them or having to subscribe to two plans.
Let's see what the toy box contains
The company website says that there would be 1-3 toys worth Rs 5,000 in the small box plan or 3-5 toys worth Rs 10,000 in the big box plan. The toy box is recommended for age group 0-12 years.

The number of toys in a box varies by the MRP of the selected toys. e.g. in the small box plan, you can get 4 toys worth Rs. 1250/- each or 2 toys worth Rs. 2500/- each. You are free to choose any toy from their entire collection.
The Book Box: You can choose any 5 books from their entire collection. It is recommended for 0-8 years.
What are the benefits of renting up goodies for our kiddos? Most of us belong to upper middle class and higher class and money is certainly not a constraint in getting anything for our children. But space certainly is. Besides saving storage space and decluttering the house, the concept offers novelty to the kids, breaks monotony in play, activity and reading time, keeps them entertained and creatively engaged and is cost effective too. It also saves the parents the hassle of going to a store and spending hours to buy something interesting and different for the kids. The fact that the company provides products even high-end foreign brands that may be a bit restrictive on our pocket due to their high prices should make this even more attractive. Moreover, since the toys are being reused it means they are sustainable in terms of environment and help leave less carbon footprint. So you can see that toy rental also helps protect the environment and is thus less taxing on our conscience too.

Here's An Offer For You
So friends, if this concept appeals to you then you can use my affiliate link here to look up the products on the company website before deciding whether their plans are worth subscribing or not.
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The company also has some fantastic discount coupons, deals and offers on their website. Please don't forget to check them out too.
You can see the response of their happy customers here

Do drop in a comment if you need more information. If you want, I will do a review post for their various plans and products. 

P.S. When any of you subscribes to any Rentoys plan within 30 days of the visit, I will get a small amount as referral commission.


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