My First Love

Sharing today a flash fiction I wrote for the photo prompt by Women's Web. It's been long since I wrote one so it was quite exhilarating to see it featured among the chosen five but i am posting the prompt photo separately with the story since the image with the story was not quite so clear and appealing. 

So here it is.

Another wet, dull, grey day had dawned on my already stunted spirits. A day I had been dreading for the last one week.
Painful and bitter though it was, it was time to bid goodbye to her. My darling, my consort of ten years. She was leaving me. Forever.
But I couldn't reconcile myself to the reality. Reality that we were separating for life. Reality that it was our last day together.
They were coming to fetch her. To take her away from me. Forever.
I admit I had agreed to let her go. And signed the documents too.
But now I was despondent as if my life was being taken away from me.
As she slowly faded into the foggy twilight, tears of dejection clouded my eyes too. Involuntarily my hand stretched out as if asking her to return.
She-my first love, my first car.

What say guys, do you like my little story? Please drop in a comment if you do.


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