The Familiar Unfamiliar

Trying my hand at science mystery after a long time. It didn't work for some in its first cryptic version (posted earlier on another portal) so I have tweaked it a little. Does it work for you in its much simpler form?
Here's the sci-fi for you:
Placing the cup on the ledge he peered from behind the misty window panes. The lone bulb had already conked off drowning the deserted street into pitch darkness. A steady rain lashed the porch, adding to the pervasive eeriness. 
Then he heard him!
Crouching under his favorite hideout-the bench on the kerb-and merrily cooing to himself. As the old man hobbled outside to feed him it stopped pouring, rather miraculously, only around him as if someone was holding a huge umbrella over him.
But who?-he shuddered.
He felt someone crawl on his shoulders. And then that familiar coooo...!
The downpour continued unabated as the old man collapsed on the bench. 
The cooo reverberated through the desolate kerb.


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