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Ordinary Girls. Ordinary Men. Harassment Beyond Ordinary.

Only the time, place and faces change. The smirks, the lascivious looks, catcalls and evil touch stays the same. So heartening to see women finally gathering courage to speak up. Inspires others too. Even boys and men have begun to open up about their abuse.
Here's the life story of an ordinary girl. And many more girls like her.

She was an ordinary girl,
a happy girl 
born in a happy family.

an ordinary stranger spotted her from a distance
across the ground he hopped
snaked in the crowd behind the little girl 
against her he rubbed his manhood.
She flinched. and moved away. 
embarrassed, disgusted and confused.
She didn't tell anybody.

Taking advantage of the power outage
an ordinary tuition teacher brushed her cheeks
scraped her tiny breasts
touched her thighs, every time.
She didn't tell anybody.

Her school friend was called 'heater'
whose jeans clad 'modern' legs
ordinary boys feasted their passion-filled eyes on.
the society blamed her boldness,
told her to cover up beh…

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