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Circus - NaPoWriMo

Vibrant, festive and gay
it promised a wonderful day -
the Circus.
come one, come all
the mic issued a loud call
to the year's most entertaining ball.
the lions, the elephants, the speaking parrots
the wonder women in their shimmering dresses
the ringmaster and the garrulous joker enthralled.

They saw, they heard, they pleaded -
the scraggly critters, the bonded laborers -
with their debtors, with their owners.
A day out was all they wanted,
a few hours to get away from
the vicious circus that their entire life was.
Blank eyes flickered with a momentary joy,
herded and shooed by the ring masters, the little jokers
went back to performing their acts again.

#NaPoWriMo #Day9 #Circus

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