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Can you imagine a world without women? All the women simply vanish one day or diminish gradually. Ultimately not even a single woman remains.
Here's a small 305-word story on the same theme.
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‘Dad, a ques…’ ‘Not again!’ James interrupted him, irritated with his never ending questions. 'Do I have a Mom?' 'Mom! Now who told you about that, Ryan?' James was exasperated. Damn! the sci-fi movies he's so fond of!
‘’Dad, I was rummaging through the documents in the study for some homework and I found this old photograph. 'Baby's first day out with Mom', it says. What's a Mom, Dad? Why don't we have them now?'’ ‘You're too young to know all this, Ryan...go to your room now’, James shouted. How do I explain to him now what women are? Wish Dad was here but he had to rush to help the brother with the kids. He punched a few buttons angrily. The stench from the washer was nause…

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