What's wrong with Hema Malini's tweet about the father of the deceased girl and driver of Alto car not following traffic rules?
That it is a tweet!
And media!
Most people, and media of course, believe that it was actually Hema Malini's driver who was overspeeding and are accusing her of deserting the girl and other injured people, although the facts are yet to be verified by the police.
Media was guilty of hyperventilating then, as usual.
For more eye balls and TRP.
Hema was also injured in the accident and hence she can't be blamed for not taking the girl and her family members to the hospital with her. It was the duty of those escorting her to hospital, to have taken the other injured to the bigger and better equipped Fortis hospital, instead of wasting precious time by taking them to the smaller Dausa hospital.
But media chose to hold Hema responsible for the little girl's death.
Of course it was her car and her driver, so she should have instructed him to be careful and drive within speed limits, for their own safety too. But media and public should have been empathetic to her also, not because she is a celebrity politician, but because she was also injured and dazed.
Media is equally guilty of hyperventilating now.
In hospital, Hema and her family were reported to have offered all help to the aggrieved family.
Out of hospital, Hema Malini tried to clear her name by speaking up against the deceased girl's father in media.
And media, as usual, lapped up her tweet.
For more eye balls and TRP.
Moral of the story: Jo bhi karna hai kar, just don't share with media or on Twitter!



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