I watched this year's IAS topper Ira Singhal's interview with Ravish Kumar two days ago on NDTV.
Many congratulations to the gutsy girl and her parents!
A very inspirational story of strong will power and dedication but a few of her statements struck a discordant note :
1. She doesn't read Hindi newspapers, ' ye to aise Hi hain' but her educated English-speaking Mom reads. 
2. She reads only English novels and would never throw them away but she has thrown away her text and
reference books after getting selected in IAS as the books have no use any longer
3. Her belief in astrology and that she will definitely become IAS.
4. Her statement that she has roamed around the streets of Delhi with her girlie gang or mixed groups till 4 in the morning and the city is very safe....Good of her to say that but when she said 'ye to ladkiyo ke apne oopar hai ' she also displayed the same misogynistic outlook that tells women and girls to dress up in a particular manner to not 'invite ' and 'ask for ' getting molested and raped.
Now to presume that she said this so that females are careful about their safety, how safe is roaming on city streets all night for not only females but males too? Armed robberies and murders, if not molesation and rapes, can always happen anywhere !
And did her english newspapers and news channels never report rape of infants and old women ?
To think that women with such elitist and confused state of mind are toppers and our future policy makers whose dream it is to serve the nation and its women....
What say guys and especially girls?


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