Happy Independence Day.........Oh Really?

Independence Day celebrations have begun, greetings and messages have started pouring in, kites and maanjha ready, lunch menu and weekend plans set, tri colour dress for the Friday party neatly ironed.......

Happy Independence Day!
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Oh really!

Oh yeah......I have already issued strict instructions to my maids to not ask for any leave this weekend and on Rakshabandhan day-festival time yaar-who will do the house work? And you know what, no advance salary too-these people have so many excuses-festival, children's school fee, husband's medicine etc, etc.! After all, I have a number of events and parties lined up and and have to pay the designers for the new outfits I have ordered.

One of my friends is throwing a lavish party to celebrate the birth of their son after three daughters. They are so relieved now........

Then, I have to help another friend plan the trousseau for her daughter....she wants everything extraordinary-flowers, wine, cheese, caviar, gifts for the baraatis-the wedding planners have been instructed that nothing Indian will do. After all, izzat ka sawaal hai! Luckily, a business associate has donated a large amount for the charity we run, and we just received the govt. grants also. So money is not a problem (oh oh! please do not leak a word of what I just said, otherwise....you know naa, RTI ka zamana hai!)

I have a good news to share.....My son and his friends were acquitted in the drunk driving and eve teasing case and now I have got my son a seat in a medical college under the management quota, had to pay a neat sum, but chalta hai yaar......he will recover all the money once he becomes a doctor. His in-laws will pay for his post graduation abroad and also set up a clinic for him. Now his life is set. Oh, I am so glad I took the decision to not have a daughter years ago.....no burden, no hassles now.

Have managed to get myself invited as Chief Guest at a local school's Independence Day function and have to prepare my speech.....any suggestions on how to motivate the students to imbibe good moral values from their elders and be proud of our Indian culture and traditions?

Independence Day Greetings again.........


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