Ekla Chala Re.....Would He Succeed?

It happened one July morning, the sky was overcast and a pleasant breeze invited me to have my morning tea out on the terrace of my third floor flat. A few parrots flitted here and there in search of some juicy fruit. Unfortunately, this part of Delhi does not boast of too many fruit trees, so they came and sat on this television cable just in front of my terrace, perhaps dejected that the dark clouds crowding the skies meant no food for them that morning. As they sat there, they seemed to be in consultation of some sort. I don't know why, but I had casually picked up my simple five mega pixel camera cell phone and started clicking.......and then suddenly all of them, barring one, flew away. Perhaps the pics are technically not very sound.......but I have tried to knit them together and find a meaning in the birds' behavior.......and the result is before all of you.
War Clouds Gathering
Planning A Strategy...But Enemy Too Powerful

Storm Getting Fiercer...Fleeing The Wrath Of Nature

The Lone Warrior Battling The War Clouds


  1. sometimes cowardliness is the better part of bravery :)
    should have left bro, not because of the storm, but because the pole might fell anytime now. Welcome to India

  2. what you said is perhaps true for most people, after all rats are the first ones to run away from a sinking ship. but a true soldier never deserts his post even in the face of inevitable defeat or even death.....actually, we need more people like him in India. would Kejriwal be our lone warrior to brave the storm?-or he, too, would desert the ship to save himself?-only time would tell!


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