Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, Forever......?

Two crime reports, similar in nature yet very different....with a drastic difference in influence.

A couple of days ago, a leading Delhi newspaper mentioned how a house servant who had robbed his employers of lakhs of rupees in cash and valuables, had been arrested on the basis of information provided by his girlfriend. He would access his social networking site account using the computer of his employer and had written to his girlfriend about coming to meet her with some gifts. The police accessed his account, reached his girlfriend in Bihar who told them that she had reprimanded him for resorting to crime in order to impress her with lavish gifts. She had told him to go back to Delhi and return all the valuables and money to the rightful owners. The alleged thief was finally arrested from the Delhi railway station.

There is nothing unusual about the other crime report......a commerce graduate working in an IT firm turning to crime-looting money, chain snatching-to fulfill the expensive desires of his girlfriend. In fact, such crimes have become so commonplace that people have stopped reacting to them.

It's quite common to accuse and penalize the men for adopting the path of crime. But why do girls forget their own role in such incidents? I am a woman myself and quite vocal about the plight and rights of women, but today I have a question for the girls and women demand equal status in society-and we all must get it, by all means-but when it comes to paying for your shopping list, you expect your boyfriend to do the honours.....may I ask, why? Why do you demand expensive gifts from your boyfriend/husband when you know his limited financial resources? Most girls work and earn decent money (at times even more than the men) and I believe they are fully capable of buying whatever they desire, so don't you think you lose your self-respect by expecting your boyfriend to pander to your vanities? And why can't you offer to split expenses when you go on dates?

According to a recent survey published in Hindustan Times, a large percentage of young males were likely to dump their girlfriends who never offered to pay for their dates and shopping expenses.

In an interview to HT Brunch, Sania Mirza, the tennis star and a youth icon was asked about the most romantic thing her husband Shoaib Malik, the Pakistan cricket captain had done for her. She said he had recently converted her seven carat diamond ring to a thirteen carat diamond ring!

Is this the criteria of being romantic? If it is, then a girl/women must also profess her love in the same manner. Or, is it only a guy thing to show his love by buying diamonds and other gifts for girlfriends and wives.....even in the era of equality?

Men are expected to get rid of their male chauvinistic attitude and treat women as equals. But dear ladies, when will you get rid of your own typical female attitude and stop expecting men to treat you as delicate damsels in distress?

Grow up gals, treat yourself as equals.....start paying your own bills! After all, diamonds are not a girl's best friend.....your man is! Take care of him as your dearest friend and don't let him tread the path of crime.....for you.


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