Are Girls Any Less Than Boys? Questions A 13-year Old Girl.

This write-up was sent to me by my 13-year old niece Khyati, a couple of days ago. She studies in class VIII. Perhaps it runs in the family to not accept things lying down, especially concerning girls/women.

Both males and females are living beings, they both can talk, walk, think and be educated in the same manner. Then why are the girls neglected and the boys are treated like kings? The birth of a boy is celebrated with great joy while the birth of a girl is treated as something to be sorry about. The daughter of a house is often treated as a burden. Investing in a boy's future makes more sense as parents feel that later the son would become the bread winner of their family and would support them in their old age. He would carry forward the name of the ‘khandan’. But today many educated girls have proved this old belief wrong and have proved that they are not less than boys in any way and can also support the parents in their old age. Despite this, a large majority of Indians still practice female infanticide and foeticide. To stop this ill treatment and discrimination against girls, government has made many laws and Acts, still we are a long way from attaining complete equality because girls do not have any knowledge about these laws. The need of the hour is to pull up our socks and fight for justice and equality for all girls and women, whether they are educated or illiterate.


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