Flame Of The Forest

                                          Pic courtesy:imgkid.com

Flame Of The Forest

Long winding metalled roads, merging at a cross
Deserted, black as a clean black slate,
Away from the sophisticated, urban, maniacal chaos
The lone traveler's steps lose their spate,

Stand still the boundless, bare trunks of autumn trees
Echoing the desolation of a forlorn heart,
Deceived, deprived, overwhelmed with a conceited noise
When a solitary yellowing leaf offers an enticing bait,
Beckon him strings of sunny yellow Laburnum blooms
Flames his wan affections-the red Flame of the Forest,
A sudden wild cry of a lovelorn bird breaks the stillness
The warbler fluffs his wings, breaks into a swift flight,
Setting in motion the stalled engine of suppressed desires
A mysterious chord strings music in a life bereft,
To his aimless life, his choice will make all the difference
The traveler moves on-his steps firm and resolute.


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