Delhi Diaries

The Release
A short story

Bagging his biggest export order till date, he called the branded furniture showroom in Kirti Nagar and made the payment for the ornate sofa she had fallen for, during their honeymoon last year. 

'The sofa set must be delivered at our Dwarka home today itself, it's our marriage anniversary,' he ordered.

Longing to see her radiant, ravishing smile once again, he carassed the fragrant bouquet of red roses and pink white tiger lilies.

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As he clicked the door open, a whiff of spicy veg biryani hit his nostrils. A bottle of his favorite French wine lay chilling in the ice bucket, tempting his parched throat.

'Naina', he drawled softly, entering the hall. And there she lay sprawled, frothing at the mouth......on their new sofa.

A radiant ravishing smile on a pale wan face taunted him, celebrating her final release. Her wedding band adorned the worn out wooden stick on the corner table........


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