Delhi Diaries

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Handing Neil a tall glass of cold coffee and a platter of fresh club sandwiches, Janet flipped through the yellowing pages of the notebook that Neil had taken out of the brown packet.

'Thanks Janet! This notebook has unfolded a veritable treasure trove of #memories for me........and a new goal in life', wiping a hesitant tear Neil held her hand tentatively.

'Neil, the village #photographer was absolutely shocked to see me alive. But he still didn't want to give me the notebook his son Akhil had borrowed from you that fateful day. He was sure you would come someday to ask for your belongings. But when I read your school essay, I realized your dream for the upliftment of our village. I insisted upon the photographer to give me the notebook and assured him that I would find you.........somehow, somewhere, some day! And I did find you.......or rather our destiny found us!'

After a whirlwind romance and courtship of two months, Janet and Neil solemnized their marriage in the ancient village temple under the benevolent and delighted eyes of the village elders.

'Janet, I have signed the power of attorney in your favor, the loans are sanctioned, the building has been acquired and the machinery has also been ordered. Here's the cheque book for our new joint account with my signature on all cheques. Now you can get all the documents and permissions for our #bakery as also make payments without any trouble.'

'Yes Neil, finally your dream is going to come true. I will set the #bakery rolling by the time you return from the US.......that's a promise! Our parents' #souls would be blessing us for generating this big employment opportunity for our dear village folks.'

'Hello Akhil, Janet this side. Kaam ho gaya. All documents are in order. Kal hi jaana hai. Be ready at 9 o'clock!'


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