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'Wow madam, our plan is successful. You are simply fantastic,' cheered the short, plump man with a cunning glint in his eyes.
'Our plan? It was my plan entirely, you were just a willing accomplice. For the love of some fat bucks. You just helped me in disposing off the properties. It was I who risked going to the banks and withdrawing such huge sums without raising any suspicions,' Janet glowered at the man insolently. 'It was I who got all the documents ready. So here is your share Mr Akhil. Take this and get lost', snapped Janet through clenched lips.
'What's this madam? Only twenty five lakhs?' screamed Akhil in his rustic English.
'Then what did you think, I would give you the entire five crores? Here, take ten lakhs more and leave. Just don't go back to your village, and now disappear from here, you foolish, uncouth villager!' thrusting some more notes in his bag, Janet picked up the currency-laden briefcase and drove away towards Terminal 3 with a delicious smirk on her face.....for a long sojourn in the Alps.

It had been only a half truth that Janet had told Neil about her growing up years in the convent and internship with Raul De Silva, the celebrity chef. The charming little girl had received much love from the nuns who protected the orphan from all ills, but she failed to honor their love and had fallen into bad company. The only good thing she had inherited from her mother was her love for and skill in baking.
When Raul De Silva saw a rare spark in the petite girl, the pathos in her deep blue-green innocent eyes appealed to him so much that he chose her as his intern over many other deserving girls and boys. And that, unfortunately, proved to be his undoing. Cleverly manipulating the guileless man, she made him sponsor her for an advance course in baking in the French capital. Her machinations won the heart of the terminally ill De Silva, making him emotional enough to will his luxe service apartment in the posh South Delhi suburb in Janet's name.

Being a realistic but ambitious girl with dreams of a luxurious life, she knew that the service apartment or her expertise in baking alone could never guarantee a stress free, wealthy, glamorous lifestyle she had always aspired for.

Then one day she read the interview of the new COO of the global confectionery giant, the dashing, handsome, eligible bachelor Neil Samson aka Neelotpal Patra with his story of a tragic childhood in an Odisha village.

And then she started cooking again.............a tempting plan for her new neighbour!


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