Delhi Diaries

The Placement

Miss Ramya Narayan.....the name struck a chord! 

The placement season required Ajeet Prakash, the HR manager to coordinate with placement coordinators of various colleges across the country, but Ramya......was she the same genius Ramya, the 'hottie' with the most brains from his college, the most prestigious IIT-D? Was she the same nine-pointer, glam model, painter and part time poet with a massive attitude who had broken many naive hearts with her dimpled smile?

Shrugging off the tangled threads of suddenly revived memories of his youth, he clicked on the 'send' button. The last mail of acceptance sent, he left for his 'home'.

'Hi Mr Prakash, welcome to AES College!' A printed silk-chiffon saree clad lady with salt and pepper hair in a severe bun greeted him. 'Good morning Ramya ma'am', his hand was clutched briefly in a nicotine-stained hand. Picking up her heavy leather document folder, she led his team of recruiters to the auditorium for the presentation session.

'No.....', he sighed briefly through his bushy moustache,' she's not 'my' Ramya!' Squaring his sagging shoulders, he rested his heavy bottom in the plush arm chair and adjusted his thick spectacles.

And then the cell phone on the table came alive. On vibrating mode, her phone still flashed as the wall paper, a 25-year old black and white picture of a young, beautiful, cool dudette and a bespectacled, lanky young man; both flinging their jubilant black graduation hats in the air, the imposing building of IIT-D glorious in the background.

His solitary heart was finally 'placed'!


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