A Letter

From A Daughter To A Dad
And For A Daughter

Hello Dad, wish me a Happy Birthday!
But beta, it's not your birthday today, you celebrated your birthday only three months back.
Yeah Dad, it was your daughter's...my birthday in June, today I have been blessed with the most adorable baby girl, my life .......so I have also been reborn Dad, it is the birthday of a new me, a mom!
They say that we give birth to our children, but the truth is that our children make us a mom and a dad.
Bless me today, Dad, so that I can be 'you' to my daughter....
Bless me Dad, so that I could give her as much unconditional love and care as you have given to me.....
Bless me Dad that I will be able...
To not only protect her from all evil, but to also give her the wisdom to distinguish between the good and the bad....
To give her the strength and courage to fight for herself....
To make her understand the value of not only money but also relationships....... and above all,
To value herself!
Bless me Dad, so that I can make myself worthy of her love, her respect and trust as a Mom, and as a friend she can come to, for anything, at anytime!


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