Hi friends....
Welcome to my blog...am a novice at blog writing, not very tech savvy too, but the seed of this blog had been germinating in my mind for quite some time and today it has fructified....finally!
I am an avid reader, curious and inquisitive by nature. I also have the knack of retaining information in little nooks and crannies of my brain. I get immensely affected by social ills plaguing our society and have strong opinion about social inequalities, ostentatious display of wealth, child rights, gender issues, education for all, failing family value system.....so on and so forth. But this blog intends to not limit itself within these predefined boundaries......I intend to share my views about any topic that stimulates my mind during a particular week, write a short story, share a piece of poetry; a personal experience; and that is why this blog reads Moods:Geeks and Freaks!
I am also open to suggestions, comments....anything that would help me make this blog more inviting and attractive.
Happy reading!!!


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