Amazing Farhan......As Milkha Singh

It was truly a fantastic day.....rained beautifully after days of such muggy and sultry weather, drenching me to the soul.

We had been eagerly planning to see the movie Bhag Milkha Bhag because of the hype built up even before its release, and the rave reviews it received from all and sundry. So the tickets were booked much in advance, the weather was perfect, and with eager anticipation, we took our seats in the car at 3-20 pm. As we approached the u-turn under the flyover near Anand Vihar, lo and behold! the entire slip road was deluged!!! Cars were under two feet of water, so the husband quickly decided to take the flyover and take a u-turn from the next traffic signal. After traversing through surging vehicles, traffic jams and surviving three massive potholes (almost like ditches) near Anand Vihar, we finally managed to enter the theater at 4-15 pm, dreading to have missed out the crucial first 15 minutes of the movie. Thankfully the movie had not begun.

And what a movie it turned out to be.....hugely entertaining, fantastic acting, great cinematography, some soulful renditions and Amazing Farhan! Milkha Singh and his accomplishments are amazing and Farhan's acting......Truly Amazing!!! So much attention has been paid to the slightest detail, nothing over-the-top, acting very felt as if he was living the character he was playing. The hard physical training shows in every ripple of his taut muscles. He managed to bring alive all the drops of tears and sweat that Milkha Singh shed to bring glory to his motherland. All other actors also did justice to their roles but it was Farhan who outshone them by a mile.

The film could have done with some tight editing, though. Sonam Kapoor was wasted in such a minuscule role which any small time actor could have done. One or two songs could also have been done away with. The movie appeared to drag at times...if it was not about Milkha Singh but a fictional character, the movie could not have been such a tremendous hit.

But anyway, it was an evening well spent, despite the glitches.....enjoyed thoroughly. A must watch movie for all those who have not watched it already, especially for Farhan!


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