Intolerance For Intolerance

There is much brouhaha about intolerance in social, political and religious circles these days but how about intolerance in personal relationships?
Children-parents, husband-wife, in-laws, siblings, friends, students-teacher, there any tolerance left anywhere?
You say something but you can not be sure how it is going to be construed by the other person. Nobody wants to stay a second and listen to the other person patiently, objectively. Listening, a vital component of any meaningful and fruitful conversation and discourse, has become a rare commodity. Poor listening skills compound the problems in relationships as they lead to people judging each other by what they say, not by what they mean.
They say every action has a reaction to it. These days people have instant desires and then desire for an instant fulfillment as well. Be it that wow dress, the cool clutch, a diamond dangler, the latest bratty bike, a selfie with the hottest heartthrob in college, and hundreds of 'likes' on scores of selfies posted everyday. But if the desired object or outcome is not achieved for any reason, then God save everyone nearby!
If the parents refuse permission for a late night party/movie, if the child demands that Xbox you promised for scoring 90%, if the wife reminds about the long overdue cleaning up, if the husband asks for another cup of coffee, if the sibling fails to call up the other twice a week......then all the intolerants simply be damned!


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