Earth Day

On the occasion of Earth Day today, I wish to share a beautiful poem titled 'Mother Earth'. I came across this poem in a table calendar a few years ago. Unfortunately, the poet's name is not known so the 'credits' part mentions 'Anonymous'. Happy Earth Day to all Friends! 

Mother Earth

Mother earth, if we do not protect
Will ring the death knell of the planet.
Air, water and trees
Do save them, O, please!
Environ's imbalance we must correct.
The wise and wonderful Bishnois
Collectively raised their voice
Against animal and tree slaughter
For the preservation of nature's water.
A perfect example for all, girls and boys!
We beg of you-for earth's sake
Please arise and please awake
To save its lakes and its lands
Its mountains, seas and its strands
For the planet's survival is at stake.
Now the earth's myriad creatures
Each with their own distinctive features
Cry-" forget us not, forget us not,
We, too, are an endangered lot,
Save us also, O conscience keepers!"
We have a definite role to play
In every season, every day
Called in human parlance
That of keeping the balance
In nature-and in its natural way.
If timely action is not taken
And our planet is forsaken
It will be a terrible shame
With only humankind to blame
If to this crisis we do not awaken.
This, then, is a wake up call
For women, men, children et al.
P.S. I hope readers know the story of the Bishnois from Rajasthan.


  1. na,,,,i read about the bishnois right after reading this poem.

    1. That was actually the aim Utkarsh, that people become curious to know about the Bishnois! Thanks


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