What is That Sound?

What is that sound?
White sound of silence,
Silence of my heart,
Heart full of cries,
Cries for peace,
Peace in the country,
Country in shackles, 
Shackles of ignorance,
Ignorance of humans,
Humans full of deception, malice and greed,
Greed for money, fame, power,
Power to loot, molest, kill,
Kill fellows, flora and fauna, Mother Earth,
Mother Earth groaning,
Groaning for survival,
Survival is only for the fittest,
Fittest, the mightiest least bothered,
Bothered about that sound........

What is that sound? 

Huh! Shut Up!


  1. these are the kind of thoughts which loom into my mind every night after i slip into my bed...in almost the similar fashion as u have used in ur poem. :p :D

    1. Ever tried jotting them down Utkarsh?


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