Who are the real masters of the universe?-is it only maths, science and technology or is it only the arts, the languages, the literature, the human emotions? who matters more?-is it the techies or the creative people who helm the running of the world?

Why is it that people with a Maths or Science background are claimed to be the 'doers' whereas the people with humanities and arts background are supposed to be merely 'talkers' who do not contribute to the development, advancement or even the survival of the world and its people in any way? 

Why should the students, researchers or the teachers of Social Sciences, music or various world languages and literature be looked down upon as 'merely doing time pass' or non-achievers in comparison to those of Maths, Science and technology?

Are scientific inventions not works of art? Are they not the result of someone's creative instinct-the urge to create something new? Do the works of music, art and literature not enhance the aesthetic quality of life on earth? 

Are Beethoven, Leonardo Da Vinci, Shakespeare, Kalidas, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Lata Mangeshkar and the other artists good-for-nothing? And are the Einsteins, the Galileos, the Ramanujams, the Marconis, the Charles Babbages-the mathematicians, the scientists and the inventors-the only achievers?

If yes, then how about God, the omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent superpower?-after all He is the one who has created this amazingly beautiful and technically perfect world with the animals and the birds; the rivers, the oceans and the deserts; the mountains and the valleys; as also us......the human beings!

Yes, the human beings!-who are so proud of our own inventions and creations that we forget the creative genius of the most original and the most genuine inventor-God!

If God has created this perfectly balanced ecosystem to support the peaceful coexistence and sustenance of millions of species of flora and fauna, then why can technology and arts not coexist peacefully, harmoniously? Why should it be science and technology versus arts, literature and languages-a conflict between TECH and TALK? Why can it not be TECHTALK-a happy tie up arrangement between the Geeks and the supposedly Freaks? 


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