#MyChoice video featuring Deepika Padukone....enough already said on multiple media channels, twitter and FB pages, so I wouldn't waste time and energy repeating the same arguments berating the 'my choice' to wear whatever, go wherever whenever, get intimate with whosoever; even outside marriage if you so desire.
One reminder to all such women: A very large number of men are loving and caring family oriented brothers, fathers and husbands who come home straight from their workplace, don't romp around semi-clad, or ogle at every passing female.
How would you react if men in your family started saying 'my choice' to wear whatever, go wherever whenever, get intimate with whosoever, even outside marriage if they so desire?
Who would care for the family, children and the household if both go their own way? Or do you not care to have a family at all?
Remember: You (both men and women) are because your mother chose to have you.
Assertion of your feminity should not make you disregard the gift of nurturing a life within you....it should be cherished because it is what makes you a woman, and naturally accords you a status higher than men.
Ok. You are within your right to choose. But do you honestly need to flaunt your hot bod, cavort on the beach all night or indulge in promiscuity to assert your equality?
Is your feminity so insecure that you have to make it a fight between 'them' and 'us' to establish itself, not a fight against hunger, disease, illiteracy? Or is that too mainstream, too below your dignity to fight for, for your elitist self?
And lastly, why should your assertion of 'my choice' influence other women's-even a five/ten/fifteen year old girl's right of 'my choice'?


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